Thursday, February 18, 2010

Okay, so I know this says Knit and Crochet, but I've been working on a lot of counted Cross Stitch. I have a bunch of UFO's and sadly these eyes don't see color changes as well as they once did . I have lovely kits in houses in 2 states that I need to get to.
On another note, I have completed a snowman and a almost finished a tropical bird for DD and SIL . Hope they like them. I will take pictures and someday show them off . I'm glad my camera card hold a lot cause I'm a lost cause when it comes to new things ( to me ) computer wise. I just don't learn new things as easily as I once did.
Today I'm going to have a Moez procedure on my face. Skin cancer .In 3 weeks I'm going to have a total knee replacement. I'll have plaenty of time to work on things then,though I pretty much do now. Got a special project in the works fo a DIL . I hope she likes it. I never know these days .
If you are in a place that is getting record snows ,stay warm. In a place with rain, stay dry.
Keep the needles and hooks clicking ,the sewing machines humming and have a great day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Again I have let the blog go. As it is more like a diary and no one reads it ,I guess it doesn't matter. I have finished up a bunch of items that will be Christmas decorations at the Colorado House when we get there. Remodeling here in is winding down,but it's been a very long process . DD had surgery on her arm and they found that scar tissue had pinched the nerve in more than one area. No one wanted to believe she was in pain and for a very long time. They couldn't see or tests didn't show anything until an inch by inch one . I hate doctors that think things are all in your head. There are plenty of hypochondriacs out ther,but my girl isn't one of them. People that fake it usually do the things they want to do or like to do when no one is looking,but she couldn't even enjoy doing her crafts nor do everyday things without pain.

I have been doing alot of magnets ,also as surprises for some people. Hope they like them

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, My goodness ,it has been almost 6 months since I posted. It's like starting all over. I still haven't leanrned to do pictures ,but I do now have the right kind of camera . I guess that's progress. I've been busy doing dishcloths ( all kinds of new patterns) ,a shawl for a bridal shower and a wedding garter ( though it didn't end up being worn.) My two youngest are married . My daughter eloped before her hubby was deployed back in July . She kept it quiet so as not to overshadow the wedding of her brother ,which was in the later part of August.
The knee problem I referred to is going to require a replacement,but I'm trying to stall until after the holidays.
Our kitchen remodel is still going ---- forever. New appliances in ,but no new counter or sink yet . The floor tile is torn off. Will it ever end . It sure doesn't seem so. I am so tired of plaster and cement dust and the whole process. DH can do all the work ,but it takes time and money. The time we have ,the money ,not always.
Colorado looks no closer,becuse even if the market changed ,the house isn't ready. As many others are saying " It wasn't supposed to be this way" refering to retirement.
A lot of things weren't supposed to go this way. The direction of our country is scary. In fact ,the world in general can be very scary.
Latest project is a cable sampler scarf from a pattern in Debbie Macomber's book "Summer on Blossom Street" I would link to it ,but I have forgotton how . I think my daughter has a lot of work to do with me . Ha ha. You can ,however find this lovely pattern in the book or on Debbie's website which is a lovely place to visit.
Hubby and I have been helping our Heather with yardwork as her Keith is gone and her arm si still a problem . Keith is due back Oct 21 so these two can start acting as the newlyweds that they are ( only had two weeks before he deployed). As a Mom -in-law, I can say we got a good one . Keith is a sweet caring guy and we are happy to have him as a part of our family.
The other wedding Ryan and his Molly. They have been together for a while so the wedding seemed anticlimactic. I'm sure they wouldn't want to hear that,but I don't think they even know I have a blog .( which as you can see ,I hardly ever get to).
I would hope that anyone who reads this has good success and progress with their many projects ,no matter what the craft or skill

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Sunday Morning, It's been almost a month. Before we took our vaction, I discovered one of my kitties had messed up tht afghan that I talked about the last time . A repair will have to be made before I can send it out.
We took our vacation and oh the sights to see in Washington D.C. For the msot part the weather was good though I have to say those lovely folks sent me back to Calif with a cold which I am still fighting.
Transportation there is amazing and we managed to get to most everything by Metro underground train. A shuttle from the hotel took us to the closest station.
The Smithsonian Museums ( and there are many ) are clustered together or at least most of them are. You get off a metro to visit them ,turn one way for the museums and the opposite way for the National Mall, Reflecting Pool , Washington Monument. Vietnam wall and such. We saw Natural history ,a couple of aerospace museums , a postal museum ,The national Zoo and Arlington. You could weeks and not see everything.
We got to see a panda and found that they have a favorite kind of bamboo . Who knew?
The Memorials at Arlington ,too numerous to mention and see, but we did see Kennedy's tomb and The Women in Military memorial and more. There were so many more . It's hills and steps and as the week progressed my knees started protesting. I'm still working on resolving that.
We have started a kitchen remodel here and it will be nice ,but what a mess right now and oh the things the builder hide. I continue to be surprised that this house even stands. It's a good thing hubby can do so much ,but neither of us have the ambition we once did.
My cupboard contains are in boxes . He says it's like camping . I remeber being able to find things when I was camping.
What have I worked on lately not much. A few dishcloths , trying my hand at knit bookmarks . That can frustrate you. Made a replacement square to start the repair on that afghan. Tried to do some organizing in my craft room. Shelves someday maybe? hey I have rooms in 2 states and both of them need a lot of help .
I am off to find a creative way to start spagetti sauce in my messed up kitchen

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morning, It's a nice sunny one here in So Cal, though they say rain is expected tomorrow. Yesterday was garage cleanup day so we could get a pickup in with our Honda CRV . We want it out of sight when we take a vacation to D.C.
I just finished a Lacy star afghan in greens and soft white. It's an old pattern from Hooked on Crochet ( The mag is no longer published. ) I have 2 KAL's in dish ckloth groups to catch up on. As you can see I still don't have a clue how to do pictures or I would share. Actually I don't even Have the right kindof camera. I am severly challenged in that area. LOL . More doctors appts coming up with my girl . The Navy still hasn't figured things out. Issues with hubby. He has a problem with a growth or something behind one knee. I am pushing for resolution there. The ultrasound showed nothing . Yet the doctor is the one that pointed out a problem when he complained of pain. I am lucky enough to have a PPO for Insurance . He has an HMO and I don't think they care if their patients die. I guess you can tell I'm frustrated . I am living with a man that I dearly love and he is made at everything. The stock market ,the medical system , The world and life in general. Enough of this hope anyone that read this has a good weekend.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

An amazing thing has happened . At least it seems that way to me. A couple of weeks ago I woke up with words streaming through my head and the desire to write them down. At 66 , I have found the abitlity to write poetry. It may not last,but even so it's really neat right now. I have completed about a dozen with various themes. I'm not sure if they are set up right ,but it's not like I'm going to submit them for publishing. I set them up the way the feel right to me. The people that I've shared them with like them and that makes me feel good. I hope they aren't saying that just to be nice.
Brett is on his way home from Colorado and should be here in an hour or so. When you have some 30 years of marriage ,it's hard to be apart even though everyone needs their space once and a while.
My crafts are going well and I'm trying my hand at designing patterns for dishcloths. I have one completed and worked up though I haven't had anyone else test it yet . There are a couple more on graph paper to try.
My creative juices seem to be on overload . Wish I'd had some of this before.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Morning, I continue to go to therapy to improve leg strength. Hubby is in Colorado this week. Daughter and boyfriend stopped by on the way to Sand Diego for more medical appts. for her. I have decided that I should not walk out the front door without a key attached to my body. I locked myself out. Fortunately with the help of a neighbor I was able to get back in and promptly took a key to them. I have been doing hand towels ( knit) I have found several great patterns. I was inspired to get moving when an email buddy sent me one. I love it. I started a knit afghan ,but it's just too loose for the warmth that I want it to have so I frogged and am crocheting one. This will be a donation.
Cre8tive quilters , I continue to peek at your wonderful projects. Keep up the good work girls .
Next week is my cancer checkup . So far so good. I am expecting to have that continue.